This sounds simple, and we alluded to it earlier, but being open and honest, and communicating with your team is very important, especially with remote customer support teams. For training purposes, webinars are particularly effective – allowing your team to re-watch each session and gain the most from each learning module. For customer service teams in particular, remote working allows staff to get through 13% more requests each day according to a study by Quarterly Journal of Economics. For example, employees who work remotelyare more productive and have a better work-life balance compared to those who do not, according to new research by Pennsylvania State University. While56% of businesses believe that remote working improves productivity. Many companies hire individuals to specialize in this type of outbound calling. As a telephone research interviewer, you call customers on behalf of companies and conduct a research survey about their experiences over the phone.

  • Below are a few of the many positives to working a remote customer service job.
  • And because these are such large companies, it’s likely that they’re hiring for multiple people in each position.
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  • Most of these client interactions take place over the phone or via an internet chat, making it an ideal industry to be taken fully online.
  • Figure out a routine that works for you and your company and stick to it.

Building rapport with every member of your team helps you gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what makes them “tick”. You will quickly pick up on subtle nuances in each employee, and in turn that will make you a more effective manager. Well, for non-remote workers, you can simply find your resident IT professional and your problem will likely be solved. People who are motivated are going to be better and more productive employees.

Customer Support Specialist

Considering the hiring process can take a few weeks, wasting time on non-qualified applicants is not in the best interest of any party involved. Get instant notifications and stay updated on tickets while you’re collaborating with co-workers on Teams. Customer Success Protect revenue, increase customer lifetime value, and strengthen customer relationships. Expert teachers to help our customers learn the ropes of 3D printing. To create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker.

what is remote customer service

After applying to so many remote customer service jobs that your eyeballs started pulsing, it finally happened. You’ve gone through all the steps of the application process, have been offered a job, and you’re ready to begin work at a virtual customer service job. Below are brief job descriptions for remote customer service jobs you can find on FlexJobs. These jobs range in terms of subject matter, industry, and experience required, but they’re all remote positions, and they all deal with customer service careers. Most are ditching the impersonal overseas call center in favor of work-from-home customer service wizards. And the hiring gold rush for remote customer service jobs shows no signs of slowing down.

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  • This means respect towards other employees and respect towards customers.
  • However, they charge a weekly, month, or annual fee — so keep that in mind as you weigh up the pros and cons of using FlexJobs.
  • The recent stats from shows that remote workers devote 1.4 days more every month to work-related tasks than their in-office colleagues.
  • Employees can often forget to take breaks when working remotely, or they remain seated at their desk when they wouldn’t if they were in an office.

One of the biggest benefits of transferring your career to a remote customer service job is that it provides the opportunity to be location-independent. Hiring via traditional channels costs a significant amount of time and resources. It also limits you to only considering employees within your geographical location, lowering the quality of potential hires. Expanding your search to include remote agents means you’re increasing your chances of actually getting your money’s worth.


Simply making sure you hire the right people is vital to the success of your business, so taking great care when interviewing and hiring for your remote team is very important. Coaching your remote team can be a difficult task, there’s no doubt about it. Giving agents the correct information they need to know in order to be the best employees they can be is key to running a good team. Provides excellent customer service by responding promptly to all inbound customer calls regarding personal lines policies, limited by geographic area and line.

Goodcustomer service is about your ability to quickly solve problems, fulfill requests and build an understanding between your business and your customers. To do this successfully, your remote customer service team needs to understand who they are talking to on the other end of the phone, email or a social media channel. There are plenty of specialist project management tools available. Hires remote customer success managers who have experience in product management. Rather than selling products to customers, customer success managers will highlight what a customer can do using Aha!. Into the customer’s existing tools as well as creating best practices that will lead them to success. Working from home requires a more committed effort to keeping your professional life organized.

Why Hiring The Right People Is Important

It’s still the same company with the same awesome people! While remote working was becoming more popular before the pandemic, with adoption growing steadily year on year, coronavirus Mobile Development massively accelerated this shift. With companies forced into remote working overnight, the pandemic became the biggest remote working experiment the world has ever seen.

Just because you’re not face-to-face with customers doesn’t mean you can slack off on your tone and presence. This may be easier for a call center agent or support rep who gets to speak with customers on the phone. However, when your only means of communication is email or live chat, all you have to represent yourself and your reputation are your written words.

Complement Remote Work With Clear Internal Communication

The group also hosts a semi-annual conference, blog, newsletter and job board. If the interview takes place over video chat or the phone, get dressed up and prepare as you would for an in-person interview. Take the call in a quiet area, preferably with a blank wall behind you if you’re talking over video. Preparing in advance will help you feel more confident. You can check how well you matched the posted position with the free tool Jobscan. Working in customer service no longer means sitting in a cubicle.

what is remote customer service

In an office setting, it’s easy to know when a person gets offended or is feeling deflated. Working remotely often involves discussing tasks over Slack, video conferencing to sync-up on projects, and collaborating via project management boards.

Hire the most competitive and talented workforce worldwide. You no longer have to worry about not being able to find front-end a certain area skillset within your area. Agent satisfaction just got a boost from simplified workforce management.

  • In an office setting, it’s easy to know when a person gets offended or is feeling deflated.
  • To perform in this responsibility of the role the most effectively, practice your patience skills.
  • Finally, usingcloud-based customer service softwarethat is easy to use and requires minimal training is essential.
  • You can always create your own versions and tell the team about it.
  • Need another reason why remote customer service positions are on the rise?

When team members work efficiently, they help each other, they get more done together, and they provide better service to customers. They’re not afraid of others forming judgment to a Slack message.

There are many benefits to keeping a tidy workspace when your job is remote, such as being prepared for the unexpected video chat or avoiding getting overwhelmed with a mess. Keeping a clean space organizes your work and boldens the boundary between your professional and personal life.

Effective team management will not only help keep the business going, even in difficult working conditions, but also take the business to a higher level. Video chat apps also help you keep your staff updated on new processes and upcoming challenges. An enablement content specialist works behind the scenes to provide customer service employees with the resources needed to create delightful customer experiences. They generate value during every interaction by ensuring team members are equipped with the skills and tools required to do so. These employees are excellent team players and understand how to support their teammates to produce positive customer engagement. Travel agents may seem outdated as people can easily make travel arrangements online, but they still exist.